The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Saving Money

Despite my addiction to Stitchfix, I am mostly a sale shopper and am always looking for ways to save money. Yesterday I was talking with a friend who was telling me about her upcoming holiday baking project, and I spent five minutes raving about the Ibotta app. Ibotta saves you money when you add coupons within the app, then upload your grocery store receipt, and then the app automatically matches purchased items to the coupons. I love it because I don’t have to add the coupons before I go shopping; I buy what I need, then add available coupons, upload the receipt, and ta-da, money saved. Sometimes I check the app before I buy an item in case a particular brand of, say orange juice or beans, is on sale. But it’s the ultimate lazy person’s way of saving money because you don’t have to clip paper coupons, and you can look for coupons after you’ve gone shopping. Ibotta also has mobile shopping savings, including cashback from Amazon. If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, it’s definitely worth signing up – right now they have an offer up to 10% back on Amazon purchases!

Sign up and try for yourself – you’ll get a $5 bonus to start!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Ebates and Honey, two of my favorite browser extensions that save me money when I’m online shopping. Ebates gives you cash back on purchases from most major retailers and sometimes has cash back offers of up to 10%. If you have the browser extension installed, when you’re shopping online the Ebates popup will appear when there’s an available cashback offer and you just click the offer to activate it. Honey scours the internet for available coupon and free shipping codes, so when you’re ready to check out of your online shopping cart, click on the Honey browser extension and the coupon codes will be automatically applied.

What are your favorite ways to save money when shopping online or for groceries? Tell me!

I Finally Found The Perfect Dress Pants

…and they’re on sale right now.

I wandered into White House Black Market last week with two of the world’s wildest kids and promised that if they behaved, they would be rewarded with a visit to Starbucks. So they kind of behaved while I browsed the sale racks and discovered a pair of comfy looking dress pants in a size smaller than I normally wear, but the pants looked like they had a good bit of stretch, and God’s gift to mothers everywhere: an elastic waistband.

I have been searching for the perfect dress pants since I had my second baby two and a half years ago, and as soon as I tried them on, I knew I had found them. They are as comfortable as yoga and pajama pants, and because they are available in neutral colors – gray, black, and navy – they go with every shirt that’s already in your closet. I bought the gray and black in the store and ordered the navy online, along with this adorable top for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.

And because this is a shopping post, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new favorite shirt from the Loft. It’s a thick knit with bell sleeves, and is available in gray and navy (at least it was…I can’t find the gray online right now, but it might still be available in stores). I’ve received a lot of compliments since I bought the gray one a couple months ago, and I am happy to tell you that the navy is on sale right now.

And if you haven’t signed up for ebates yet, save yourself some more money before you make any of these online purchases. Ebates pays you to shop and has great cash back offers at some of my favorite stores, including the Loft, Target, and many more! So what are you waiting for?!? Sign up and happy shopping!!

Heavy Boobs? Never Fear, Title Nine is Here

If you’re anything like me when it comes to bra shopping, you go to the nearest TJ Maxx or Ross, try on a bunch of different sizes and then buy the cheapest bra that “fits”. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer boob spillage from the top of your bra, uncomfortable straps digging in to your shoulders, or any discomfort at all. The caveat? You need to get fitted for a bra that actually fits your body.

I had the opportunity to visit the Title Nine Portland store for a sport bra fitting, and you too can get a personalized bra fitting during Title Nine’s Fit Fest on Wednesday, June 1, or Thursday, June 2. RSVP here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.33.46 AM.png

Marvel Bra

The first bra I tried on was the Marvel, which I wanted to really like, but the band didn’t fit well. If you’re looking for a supportive sports bra with underwire, this is a great option. Just make sure you try it on before buying, because as much as I wanted to love this bra, I didn’t love the fit.  I did the jump up and down test, and can promise that your boobs will barely move in this bra. If you’re a runner, this would be a great option.

I also tried on the 2-in-1 Adjustable Sports Bra, and almost ended up taking this one home. This is the perfect bra to wear all day at work, and then go directly to a workout. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in any fun patterns.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.25.41 AM.png

2-in-1 Adjustable Sports Bra

The third bra I tried on was the 7 Wonders – at first I hated this bra because it was difficult to get into, but it turned out I just needed a different size. After trying on the correct size, I immediately decided this bra had to come home with me. It was comfortable, very supportive, and when I do run, my boobs won’t bounce. I also love that it comes in fun patterns.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.38.38 AM.png

7 Wonders

The also ended up loving the Tech Athena bra. It’s not as supportive as the 7 Wonders, but if I’m just going on a walk with my family, this is the bra I would wear. If I planned to run, it wouldn’t provide the support I need, but it’s super comfortable and the type of bra you could wear all day when you’re lounging at home or running errands.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.41.19 AM.png

Tech Athena

I also tried on the Last Resort – I promise you that your boobs will not move in this bra, no matter what size you are. It’s ugly and hard to get into, but you will not move an inch. Since I’m not a marathon runner, or much of a runner at all (yet), I didn’t see the need for something so…restrictive. The Aero bra was one of the last bras I tried on, and while it was comfortable, the only color in store was a boring beige color and I felt like I was wearing a grandma bra. The woman helping me said the Aero bra is a favorite with large chested women, but I liked the Tech Athena and 7 Wonders better.

So, now that you’ve heard about my experience, don’t you want to try on a bunch of bras for yourself? I promise it’s fun, and the bra fitters (bravangelists!) are patient, kind, and non-judgmental. If you visit Title Nine during Fit Fest, I’d love to hear about your experience. Go try on a bra and enter to win one by tweeting at me (@hazzeltoz) using @TitleNine and #T9FitFest in your tweet. (Open to US residents only. Giveaway ends June 3.)

Fine Print: I received 1 (one) complimentary bra from Title Nine during the preview event of the upcoming FitFest at the Portland location. 




TOMS on Sale!

TOMS on Sale at Zulily – Save up to 40%!**

Oh, TOMS, you do it to me every time you’re featured on Zulily: cute shoes on sale for both me and baby. We could match if we wanted to!

I love, love, love these kid’s red rain boots. Can you please make rain boots for women? Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.26.37 AM

Can I have one of each of these adorable flats? I want a pair of TOMS ballet flats so badly.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.32.21 AM

You can shop the TOMS sale here.

Did you know that TOMS gives back to children in need every time you make a purchase? With its Giving Partners and customers like you, TOMS has transformed everyday purchases into a force for good. Each purchase improves the health, education and well-being of children in over 60 countries. With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.®

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link

The Search for Post C-Section Jeans Ends Here

I found them! You too can fit into post c-section jeans!

Drum roll please…

Head down to your closest Banana Republic Factory Store and buy their version of jeggings. I bought them at 50% off, so spent less than $40 on a pair of jeans that make me feel great, which is almost impossible to do. They come in two dark washes, are super stretchy and hide the pooch and muffin top. Bonus: you can even buy a size smaller than you normally would because these jeans are like yoga pants – so stretchy and so comfortable, you don’t even have to change into pjs as soon as you get home. If they made these pants in black and grey, I would buy them and wear them to work!

I swear this is not a sponsored post. I am just in love with these pants. And I’ve tried on A LOT of pants after having a baby.

The Horror That is Clothes Shopping After Baby

My favorite clothing store is Banana Republic. Last weekend they had a 40% off sale and I bought a pair of jeans, a shirt and earrings. Now of course I didn’t try anything on because I had the baby with me in the Ergo. And also: trying on clothes is depressing. But I wanted a new outfit for Christmas pictures and Junior’s upcoming baby dedication so when I got home, I tried them on.

So bad.

First, the top doesn’t fit because, well, hello milk-producing boobs. And second, the muffin top I now have is ridiculous. After the c-section, I have a pooch that wasn’t there after the first vaginal birth and while I’m sure it will go away (mostly) eventually, leggings. tights and yoga pants are really the only things that fit. But I don’t have enough stretchy skirts, long sweaters and tops to go over leggings and dresses are too hard when I’m pumping 7-8 times per day. And I can’t wear yoga pants to a baby dedication.

I’ve even looked online for pants reviewed by post c-section moms. I suppose I’ll try to buy a few this weekend to try on at home but just the thought of this makes me want to cry. I’ll probably end up wearing my now standard going out of the house look: yoga pants and a hoodie or leggings under one of two stretchy skirts and a loose shirt. And to think I was ever opposed to leggings! I wonder if this means I’ll go over to the dark side and embrace jeggings before too long. Now the whole concept seems downright brilliant.

TOMS on Sale, or Why My Shoe Compulsion is Out of Control

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.22.37 AM

Orange TOMS

Guys! TOMS are on sale again on zulily! And if I had my way, I’d buy most of them. I’ve had my eye on these orange TOMS for Future President. Aren’t they the best color? I love the design, and from past experience, I know the velcro actually keeps these shoes on little feet!

And for myself: I’ve been eyeing these ballet flats, since they are one TOMS style I don’t have yet. Unfortunately I’ve never tried on a pair, so I don’t know if they would accommodate my wide foot like the other styles do. (And can we talk about how pregnancy causes foot swelling, so my feet are extra wide right now? Is there any body part that isn’t affected by pregnancy?!?) Aren’t they cute? 

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.25.09 AM

TOMS Ballet Flats

Over the weekend, my friend H, an organizing wizard, came over and helped me organize my shoes. As you can see, I already have quite a few TOMS shoes but I’m so tempted to buy more! They are so comfortable!!

An organized shoe cabinet!

An organized shoe cabinet!

If you haven’t signed up for access to zulily yet, it only takes a few seconds and completely free. Sign up here!