My Little First Grader

On Friday, P celebrated his last day of school with pancakes made by his teachers, and on Sunday we celebrated with his classmates and their families with haystacks and lots of sugar. 

If you had told me at the beginning of the school year that our shy, uncertain, and highly uncoordinated kindergartener would turn into the confident kid he is today, I would have wanted to believe you but I would have also been a little skeptical. 

He got first place in high jump for his class during track and field day. He got a “super scientist” award for his never-ending recitation of facts about the natural world. And he willingly goes up front at Childrens’ Church to lead out during song service. 

This summer he’s going to basketball and soccer camp, and my mother-in-law has big plans for math and reading and writing homework. We might enroll him in piano lessons. Of course he will also play, bother his brother, go to some movies, and go camping, and at the end of the summer he’ll be ready for first grade, and next year I won’t be so surprised at all he’s ready to learn and do. 


what now?

Call me Lawyer M. I graduated on Sunday. Hooray! My parents, G’s parents, and Auntie came out to celebrate. We saw some sights and ate a lot of good food. We also suffered from lack of sleep and sugar highs, but that’s another story. We also had a fender bender in the rental car and the Park Police didn’t show up for an hour…another story too.

My bar materials haven’t arrived, so I don’t have to study for the bar yet; I’ve been watching TV, reading, and sleeping. I should be looking for jobs…but wait…I don’t have to! Because I’ve been accepted to the U! No more wait list for me!