Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Ever

Good morning, friends! I’ve been selling Ever skin care and makeup for a few months now, and wanted to tell you about a great deal that expires today, May 5. Spend $149 and get a free Overnight Facial Oil, which retails for $88! In addition, if you follow me on my Facebook group, Baked Tofu & a Beauty Routine, you may have seen me mention the sweepstakes that qualified you for $20 off your $100 purchase. If you combine the offers, you have yourself an amazing deal!

Here are some ideas on product combinations to purchase to get your free Overnight Facial Oil. I love this oil because whenever I use it, when I wake up my face feels smoother, softer, and my acne has a shorter shelf life! These products would make amazing gifts for yourself, your mom, or your mother-in-law! Happy shopping!

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2016 Book Lovers’ Gift Guide

I decided to create my Book Lovers’ Gift Guide a little early this year. Here are some of my favorite finds for the librarian, English major, or just general book lover in your life.


  1. Podcast Co-Host Top in Bookworm from my new fav, Mod Cloth. Their clothes are made to fit real women!
  2. I love these adult size Very Hungry Caterpillar socks from old fav Out of Print.
  3. Books Turn Muggles into Wizards travel mug from the Harry Potter Alliance.
  4. I love this Emily Bronte quote, and a framed version would look great in my office.
  5. This ideal feminist bookshelf painting would also look great in my office! Can you tell my office walls feel a little bare? libraryprint
  6. I love this print called “I Saw Her in the Library.” slashgame
  7. As soon as heard about this card game, I knew it had to go on my wish list. Now to find people to play it with! Players compete to create the best romantic fan fiction pairing from favorite characters from pop culture, history and literature. A co-worker says it’s like Cards Against Humanity for pop culture nerds. Perfect!

Anything else I should add to this list? What do you get for the book lover in your life (or better yet, what’s the last thing you bought for yourself that you absolutely loved)?

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Wishful Thinking

This year I’m ahead of the game and already bought my mom her Mother’s Day present. And then my husband asked me what I want and I couldn’t think of a single thing.

Except really, I’d love:

  • A magic wand that when waved cleans my house, and I mean really cleans it: dusting, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing. It should sparkle it’s so clean.
  • Two nights of uninterrupted sleep. Because let’s be honest, even if my husband is willing to feed the baby a bottle, I’m going to wake up anyway, so I may as well feed him so my supply doesn’t drop, right? Junior, you’re almost 7 months old. It’s time to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • An actual spa day, with massage, facial and mani/pedi. Wishful thinking because I would never want my husband to spend that much money on me. I’d just feel guilty. Maybe when we win the lottery.
  • A day off from breastfeeding. Pumping or feeding a baby every three hours is boring and really cramps my style. I want to go clothes shopping, but if I don’t time it exactly right, I either have to bring the baby or the pump because by the time I drive to the store, try on clothes and pay, it’s time to nurse/pump again. Shopping is not fun at all right now. And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE to shop. I would also like to 1) eat a leisurely meal with my girlfriends; 2) go see a movie in the theater; and 3) see spa day above.
  • A stylist and new wardrobe.
  • A weekend away – with my husband, with my girlfriends. I just need some time away from real life. But see: still breastfeeding.
  • A week of not commuting to work, or a commute that doesn’t take at least an hour each way.

The 2014 Librarian Gift Guide

Do you have a librarian or book lover in your life? This gift guide will help you pick out a wonderful and unique present for her. Need a birthday gift? Anniversary gift? Christmas present? Check out these great gifts below (and husband, if you’re reading this, I’ll take one of each!).

Need more ideas? Here’s two other librarian gift guides from years past: Librarian Gift Guide Part 1 and 2.

Check out this Mockingbird bird house. How meta! ($120)Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.50.04 PM

Card catalog curtains? Yes, please! ($17.95)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.52.13 PM

Get comfy with a good book and good book pillow. ($9.99)

.Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.53.22 PM

This map of literary Britain and Northern Island would look great framed on an office wall. ($18.82)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.55.44 PM

And what about t-shirts? Every librarian needs a few good tees to show off her love of books! I love this ode to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. ($26)Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.00.54 PM

And finally, I love this reasonably priced duvet from Ikea. ($19.99)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.02.53 PM

My Grownup Christmas List

It’s that time of year when relatives start asking for our Christmas lists. I tell most of them: please don’t get us anything. We don’t need anything.


But honestly…excuse my self-indulgence. These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately. They’re all wants, not needs. My husband already got me my gifts this year: a new iPhone and family pictures by the super talented Ben Blood.

  1. Bath towels. White, fluffy and new. The last time we got new towels for us was when we got married. Future President has nicer towels than us! But Curious George is all his.
  2. A warm rain coat with a hood. You’d think after living here for almost two years, I would own a practical coat.
  3. Boots. Brown boots. Black boots. Grey boots. Boots wide enough for my calves are almost impossible to find, especially in my price range.
  4. An iPad mini. Because, well, I’m an Apple fanatic.
  5. An ottoman with storage for all the toys that are currently all over the floor in both the family room and living room.
  6. A leather tufted headboard with matching dressers. Actually, I’d also love a DIY pallet headboard but we know that’s never going to happen.
  7. A subscription to Audible.
  8. Oregon Shakespeare Festival tickets.
  9. The services of an interior decorator who will also hang pictures and clean the garage.
  10. A housekeeper.
  11. A girls’ weekend with my BFFs in a warm place like Palm Springs or Austin.
  12. Almost anything from the Kate Spade literary line, like the book pendant and glasses earrings.
  13. This iPhone case from Out of Print (or, really anything from Out of Print, especially one of the necklaces from their new jewelry line).
  14. These Harry Potter stamps.
  15. Anything from my Librarian Gift Guides, Part 1 and Part 2.

What’s on your list? Or do you participate in a white elephant exchange and just hope for the best?

2013 Librarian Gift Guide

Do you have a librarian or book lover on your list to buy for this year? Start with the gift guide I began here and read on! You don’t have to spend much to satisfy the book nerd in your life – trust me: as a librarian, I’d love anything on this list, including these DIY ornaments. And there’s always the possibility of a book raid at your local second-hand store. There’s nothing more fun that used-book shopping with a friend!

The End bookend, $33.94The End Book endPunctuation Mark Pillows, $29.50 each

Punctuation Mark PillowsThis thesaurus mug is everything (the best, fabulous, insert exclamation point here), $8.95

Thesaurus Mug


I love these dictionary TOMS, $54

Dictionary TOMSAny of these new necklaces from Out of Print would be a good choice. I really like this Alice in Wonderland necklace, $32Alice in Wonderland necklace


The Library candle and diffuser collection is a neat way to interpret our literary heroes. I like the Emily Dickinson travel candle, $8Emily Dickinson Travel Candle

Kate Spade has some great library-related accessories in their current collection, from a library scarf, to cute glasses earrings and a dictionary wallet. I’m partial to the bright red glasses earrings, $48 Kate Spade earrings red glasses

For more ideas, check out my Book Lovers’ collection on Luvocracy.


What Not to Buy Your Mom

I get that Mother’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. And many of my friends have complicated relationships with motherhood, so in a sense this day makes me think of them.

But inevitably if you have a mom or mother figure in your life, you probably feel obligated to get her something. (By the way, Mother’s Day is Sunday.)

Please don’t get her a vacuum cleaner, a pot or pan, a weight loss product or wrinkle cream. (Unless she has specifically requested one of these items.) In general, what I’m saying is this: don’t get her a cleaning or kitchen product or anything to suggest she’s not perfect the way she is.

You can’t go wrong with family pictures in a nice frame. My mom is notoriously hard to shop for because she doesn’t want anything and is extremely frugal. I think I pulled off a good surprise this year because I overheard her saying she liked something in a nice store. Hopefully she hasn’t bought it for herself already! In the past I’ve been successful with a pound of See’s candy (California brittle), framed photos and Stickygram magnets, mostly of my parents and Future President.

This piece is not only hilarious but true: What Mothers Really Want. My ideal day would include no cooking or cleaning, three or four uninterrupted hours all to myself to shop or get a pedicure (or both!), a nice long nap and a homemade card. But I wouldn’t turn away anything on this list, either.

I really, really love my kid. But both he and his father make terrible shopping companions.