Yesterday as I drove home, I calculated whether I could take some more Tylenol as soon as I arrived, or whether I would have to wait for another hour or two. I had to wait, so I made supper for the kids and counted down the minutes until I could get a tiny little bit of relief from my neck pain and headache.

I looked at the calendar while warming up the kids’ leftover pizza, and I realized in the next month I have four doctors appointments. I feel like this has been the story of my life. Besides chronic pain, I have a number of other medical issues, and one of them includes getting hearing aids in April.

But life goes on, despite the pain. Some days I feel like I am just barely making it, and look forward to the kids’ bedtime, when I can stretch out on the couch, my head tilted to the left in the only stretch that gets my spasming muscle to relax.

Living with chronic pain is a daily battle, but I’ve found that if I look for outlets that make me happy and fit into my crazy work/parenting schedule, I have some distractions that keep my mind off the pain. For me, it’s reading, watching Top Chef and Project Runway, and most recently, telling everyone I know about EVER.

My friend Sarah introduced me to EVER, and at first I was dubious. I am always, always skeptical of multi-level marketing, but because Sarah is an intelligent woman, a mom, and a physician, I gave her products a second look. Then she sent me samples, and that was it. I was all in.

At first, I signed up to sell EVER just to get the discounts offered to “specialists,” but then I decided to try my hand at selling it. And while I acknowledge that it is indeed a multi-level marketing company, I also am 100% behind the product I’m selling. Right now, I’m using the face wash and exfoliating peel pads and my skin already feels amazing. Next, I’ll buy the overnight facial oil and eye wrinkle smoother as those were two products Sarah let me sample that seriously made a difference in just a couple of uses.

I set up a Facebook Group called Baked Tofu & a Beauty Routine where I plan to post about the nutritarian lifestyle I’ve fully embraced, as well as EVER. Let me know if you have any questions about plant-based eating, or the EVER products, and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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