Friday Reads

Here’s a little link roundup to close the week. I haven’t done one in ages because I’ve been so busy at work (I’m doing two jobs, training students, etc.) that when I get home I just want to read. Lately it’s been Ilona Andrews’ new release White Hot. Ignore the cover and ignore the title. This book, the second in the series, is SO good. Thanks to Lag Liv for introducing me. (P.S. I can never comment on her blog because she’s on Blogger and I’m on WordPress and even though I’m very tech savvy, I just can’t figure it out, so “hi!” LL!)

This Design Mom conversation about sex is a must-read if you were raised in a conservative religion. She is so thoughtful in her answers to the 18-year old who wrote her to ask about sex. 

Why are donut boxes pink? And who makes the little clips that close the loaf of bread you bought at the grocery store? Life’s mysteries, answered

Read about the woman, who despite being deaf, blew the socks off of Simon Cowell. And watch the video of her singing the song she wrote. I watched it in Starbucks and started crying right there. 

This punctuation card is everything. As is this anniversary card

My baby finished Kindergarten today. We have a 1st grader in the house! I am simultaneously awestruck and sad. 

Happy weekend, friends. 


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