Taking a Break

I kinda, sorta broke up with Facebook yesterday. I have a feeling it’s the same kind of breakup I had with my now husband when we were in college. I broke up with him for 8 hours. It was excruciating. 

But this breakup is probably for the best, and so far has lasted longer than 8 hours. 

I have still have an account. I still exist on the platform. I use Facebook at work and need a way to post and log in, so I’m not deleting my account. For right now, I deleted it off my phone and replaced that icon space with a game I really like, so when my thumb gravitates to that spot out of habit, it opens an addicting game instead of the social media app that’s lately made me feel like crap. 

There are all sorts of studies about how social media can impact self esteem. And lately, because of other external factors, I’ve been feeling kind of low. So this is an experiment to see if my lack of daily FB checking brightens my spirits. 

I’m on Instagram and Twitter still, so let’s be friends! And if you know me IRL, my number hasn’t changed since I signed up for Cingular in college. 


3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. I haven’t broken up with Facebook, but I did take it off my phone. Best decision ever. It has been several months now and I don’t anticipate ever adding it back to my phone. I love all the things our phones can do — particularly always having a camera for fun random shots that are suddenly available. But, I don’t need to have Facebook with me every second of the day. I hope you enjoy your experimental breakup.

  2. I totally understand what you are feeling. In a moment of depression a year and a half ago, I decided to take a break. Best decision ever! Occasionally I scroll through my husband’s feed on his phone but I really don’t miss Facebook at all. I still enjoy Instagram and Pinterest.

  3. I’ve found that the more that I avoid Facebook the happier I am – in a majorly huge way. I just hate to miss *some* updates on there and don’t know how else to get them. I try to weed through the junk, but oftentimes exit after seeing the top couple of posts. It’s just not worth it.

    I’m not on other social media, so this is your invitation to text me the pics of your kids that I will otherwise miss. Or, perhaps this is my notification that I’ll be coming down for a visit so I can actually see your face in real life! I like both of these options. Miss you and love you!

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