Making Magic

It’s Tuesday and I’m all out of ideas for my blog today. But here I am, on day 22 of NaBloPoMo, and this type A woman isn’t about to fail now.

So, thanks to the WordPress weekly photo challenge, today’s post is all about magic. 

Here are my boys, pretending to live on a boat in the middle of the sea. 

“Me pirate!” Junior shouts. It sounds more like “me pie-wit” but of course we all understand. 

“I’ll push you, and then you have to push me,” his older brother says firmly. 

“Okay!” Junior agrees. It sounds more like “oh-tay” but of course we all understand. 

When it’s Junior’s turn to push, he gets out of the box – er, I mean boat – and tries his hardest to push 50+ pounds of his brother and all the shipmates: Daddy George, Baby George, Monkey Tree Banana, Daddy Bear, and Baby P. He grunts and shoves, but the boat goes nowhere. He gives up and gets into the boat, joining the captain and their mates. “Me pirate,” he yells. 

The mixing spoons become oars, and the wood floor the open sea. 

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