My Favorite Word is Free

Most of my friends know that my favorite word is free. Put me in a conference center exhibit hall and I’ll come home will all sorts of stuff I don’t need. But also stuff that I do need, like pens and USB drives, and piles and piles of books (thanks, ALA!).

I love to shop, but these days most of my shopping is done online thanks to two kids and a husband who hate to shop. Obviously, I realize that shopping = spending money, but what if I told you I found the most amazing, pain-free way to both save money and earn it while you shop?

honeyOne word: Honey. Download the Honey extension for your browser of choice (mine is Chrome) and then whenever you’re shopping online, Honey provides coupon and discount codes for you to use on your purchase. It even works with Amazon. I’ve received extra samples with my Kiehl’s purchases, earned cash back at Loft and found free shipping promo codes at numerous other retailers.

I promise you this isn’t a sponsored post. I just love this browser extension because it’s easy to use and it saves so much time because I’m not spending a half hour googling for coupon and promo codes before checking out of my online cart. And trust me, as a librarian, I have tried every clever search on Google to locate promo codes. This saves me so much time.

So what are you waiting for? Join Honey!


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