You know that feeling when your kid does something cute and you know for sure that you’re going to remember it later and write it down and then you completely forget it? Yeah, that happens to me all the time. I almost wish there was a permanent video recording of my kids so I could re-hear all the cute things they say, especially since as soon as I get out my phone to record something, they stop whatever cute thing they were doing and either run away or just stick out their tongues at me.

I want to capture on video the baby – who I still call a baby, even though he’s two – saying “Sure!” when he means yes. I think it’s just that he can’t say “yes” yet, but I really hope he doesn’t give it up when he does finally learn how to say yes. His other new “yes” synonym is “‘kay!”

“Do you need a diaper change,” I’ll ask him. “Sure!” he yells.
“Do you want a cookie?” I’ll say. “Sure!” he yells.
“Are you ready to go to Nanny’s house?” I ask. “Sure!” he yells.

I think you get the picture. And now that he has a word that sort of means yes in his vocabulary, he doesn’t say no to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION and this has been Life. Changing.

He thinks he can count and solemnly points at a row of cars and says, “Two, three, two, two, three.” It’s adorable.

My favorite part of the day is when I see my kids after 9 or 10 hours away from them. “Hi!” the two-year old screams. “Hi, Mommy!” He runs at full speed toward me yelling, “Hi! Hi!” The five-year old says it a little more calmly but he’s usually excitedly jumping or running at the same time, too. I just love that they love me.

And when it’s way past bedtime and they’re still awake and I just want to enjoy my Jingle Jangle ice cream from Trader Joe’s while fast forwarding through Project Runway to watch the runway show before I fall asleep on the couch, I try to remember that these times aren’t forever and faster than I know it, my beloved babies won’t even come out of their rooms to greet me after a long day.




One thought on “Sure!

  1. I love what you write, Mari! Funny, and just SO much like my world. And a lot of the time it leaves me with a little tear in my eye. I love to read your blog!💖

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