But Mommy, The Guts!

Last night, there was talk of a Thanksgiving turkey.

I don’t cook a lot of meat, with the exception of the occasional fish or hot dogs, but this is because I don’t know how, not because I’m trying to raise my kids vegetarian. Except by accident, I actually am.

Last night, G and I were talking about making a turkey and how that would work since we don’t have a large roasting pan. Maybe the crockpot? G suggested.

P immediately piped up from the back seat: “We don’t eat turkeys! They’re too beautiful!”

G told him the turkey we would be eating was ugly. “It doesn’t matter, Daddy! Brown turkeys are beautiful, too!” I assured him he didn’t have to eat any even if we cooked a turkey next week for Thanksgiving. “But Mommy,” he said worriedly, “The guts!”


“But Mommy, the guts!” (Image courtesy of the Florida State Library & Archives.)

And just like that I didn’t want any Thanksgiving turkey either.

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