Long Live Snail Mail

You know that great feeling when you open your mailbox to see a handwritten card specifically meant for you? Someone took the time and energy to write a message, buy a stamp, and put that card in the mail. For you. It’s such a great feeling, and a long lost art.
I don’t remember where I first heard about Punkpost, but they make sending a handwritten card easy and beautiful. And I promise you, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love them! And I love them so much I reached out to their co-founder to get a discount code so you can all try it out.
First, download the app, then select a card from their vast collections library. Select a recipient and then compose your message. You can add confetti or a picture to be enclosed in the card as well. What happens next? A scriptist – yes, a real live person – uses the words you wrote to compose a work of art. Even the envelope is a work of art! Then it gets mailed to the recipient. You don’t even have to find a stamp in that stack of junk mail in the kitchen!
Here’s the card I sent my dad for his birthday: fullsizeoutput_146f
So what are you waiting for? Send someone a beautiful handwritten card today!

Everyone – and I mean everyone – gets to make and send their first card for free but my lovely blog readers get a special treat: through November 8, 2017, you get a 20% discount on your second card (iPhone users only). Use promo code PYY20 at checkout.

A few things:
+ It’s valid until November 8, 2017.
+ It only works with iPhone.
+ Your first card is free, so only put in the code on your second order to get 20% off.
I would love to see pictures of the cards you send!

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