Three Weeks & 171,331 Steps Later

I bought a FitBit Alta for myself for Mother’s Day, and three weeks later, I can say it was the best gift I could have given myself. If you work at a desk job and/or live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, a fitness tracker is the perfect motivation to get up and get moving.

I’m super Type A, so the ability to track my steps with a little tap on the wristband of the Alta is a great way to check my progress throughout the day. I also have reminders set from 10am to 4pm to remind me to get up a move (at least 250 steps) every hour.

The Alta also tracks sleep patterns, and I’ve been astonished to see how restless I am at night. Maybe that explains why I’m tired all the time?!? I’m going to ask my doctor about it at my next appointment.

The Alta is slim like a watch and the wristband comes in different colors. When I bought the Alta on Amazon, they were running  a special where if you purchased the black Alta, you got an additional purple or blue wristband for free. I haven’t actually switched out the black wristband for the purple, but I like having that option. I won a Jawbone Up a few years ago and wore that faithfully for a while, but the band was bulky and because I sit at a computer most of the day, the Jawbone Up made typing uncomfortable. I don’t have any of that discomfort wearing the Alta.

I’ve also set the Alta to receive text and call notifications if my phone’s bluetooth is on and within range of the Alta. It’s nice to just glance at my wrist to see who is calling or texting without pulling my phone out of my purse or pocket. I don’t keep the bluetooth on all the time as I’ve found it drains my phone battery, but it’s a nice feature. Speaking of battery life, the Alta’s battery life is long. I only charge it every 4-5 days.

The great thing about FitBit is that you don’t have to have a fitness tracker to use the app, and the app provides a lot of information about your activity and provides opportunities to challenge your other friends who own a FitBit or have the FitBit app installed on their phone. The gamification aspect is actually quite motivating.

I highly recommend the FitBit Alta. While I originally wanted an Apple Watch, I “settled” for the Alta and have been really happy with my purchase. I realized that the Apple Watch would have provided too much distraction with all the possible apps to interact with, whereas the FitBit Alta provides just enough information. It’s like reading an ebook on my iPhone – I get way too distracted by the other apps to read for very long.

If you have a FitBit, let me know and I’ll add you as a friend. We can keep adding steps together.


One thought on “Three Weeks & 171,331 Steps Later

  1. Thank you for pointing out that my new phone has built in pedometer! It’s great motivation for me to get moving! Next step: Fitbit. Congrats on all the steps you taken – that’s a huge accomplishment.

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