One Day as a SAHM

Called in sick today because my whole family has a stomach virus, the same one I had last week. I guess you can call me “typhoid Mari.” 

This meant that while my kids were mostly on the mend after puking earlier in the week, both grandmas were down with the bug. So today I had the hardest job in the world: SAHM. I’m not kidding. Staying home with kids is no joke. 

So we didn’t stay home all day: we were at Costco before it opened. And here’s a secret – they usually open the doors before the advertised opening, sometimes as much as 15 minutes before. And when your kids wake up at 6, you can make it to Starbucks, Costco and Target and fit in a couple loads of laundry, all before 11. 

When I am home, I feel compelled to do housework, so I washed sheets, vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms. We bought a birthday present and card for a party more than a week away and went to swimming lessons. A lot was accomplished, including breaking up more than one fight over the same two cars that both kids insist on playing with, even though there are a bazillion more all over the older one’s bedroom floor. 

I also ate way more than I usually do during a work day, consumed more caffeine than I normally do and managed to spend way more than planned at both Costco and Target. It’s a good thing I’m not home during the week on a regular basis or we’d be broke and I’d be overdosing on fish crackers. 

To all my SAHM friends, I salute you! 


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