All I Want For Mother’s Day

I bought myself a FitBit for Mother’s Day with an AmEx gift card I won in a raffle. At Target, I helped Future President pick out a Mother’s Day card (at first he chose one for the special aunt in his life, but then I told him he had to find one with the word “Mom,” as that’s a word he can spell) and he chose a card with a monster and three eyes.

Last Christmas, I heard from a good friend that she and her husband stopped buying Christmas presents for each other and instead spent the money on themselves for something they really wanted, like professional family photos or a new computer. I have been rebelling against this notion my entire life – isn’t gift giving supposed to be fun? Except last Christmas my husband gave me jewelry I already owned and I gave him an iPhone charging case that he didn’t want. So I said, enough is enough. I will buy myself presents from now on.

So here we are, a few days before Mother’s Day, and I bought myself my own Mother’s Day gift, and I am completely okay with that. In fact, I have a list of presents I’m going to buy myself in the future for my birthday and at Christmas: a facial for my birthday and professional family photos for Christmas. It’s a win-win because I get what I want and my husband can spend his hard-earned money on Playmobil.

Granted, I still want something from my husband and kids: maybe two hours alone in the house so I can watch TV uninterrupted, and then I can paint my nails without someone smudging them. Actually, on second thought, I want two hours uninterrupted in a nail salon!



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