Life Lately

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging hiatus to post on life around here lately. I miss writing, and last night I started writing blog posts in my head, so here we are.

Future President turned 5. (!!!) Where did the time go? He had a castle themed birthday party and we invited all of his friends and their parents and siblings. Our new house can hold a LOT of people. Now we just need more furniture so our guests don’t have to sit on the floor.

Future President is perfecting his filibuster techniques. Last night his reasons for not going to bed ranged from being upset because we threw away an American flag balloon and he was sad “part of American died” to “Jesus won’t let me close my eyes.”

Junior is 18 months old and alternates from being really needy to wanting his independence in a span of 3 seconds. He doesn’t have many words yet, but those he knows he says very emphatically: “Hot!,” “Woah!,” “Wow!,” “Uh-oh!,” “Mama!,” “Dada!” and one of his favorite tricks is making an elephant noise and pretending his arm is an elephant’s trunk. It’s adorable. Last week he said, “I want Mama,” which of course he spoke two days before I left for a work trip.

We switched insurance companies because our PPO plan tripled the family deductible. So far my experience with an HMO is awful and when I joked with a doctor about entering HMO hell, I didn’t know I was being prophetic. We have to survive HMO hell until next April, when I’m hoping my employer has a better, cheaper PPO option.  If they don’t, I might decline employer-provided insurance completely and choose something on the open market. It’s so ridiculous that my employer can’t provide decent health insurance options, and while I’m sort of apolitical (despite being married to a super political person), whichever candidate can give me better health insurance options is who I’ll vote for this year.

Speaking of my super political husband: he was just appointed to our city’s planning commission and was elected as a delegate to the state’s Republican convention. I’m super proud of him, and despite my own personal disgust with the Republican party, my husband is the type of Republican that should be running the party. If he ever runs for office, I’m voting for him!

So – what’s been going on with you, blogosphere? Anyone out there?



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