Four Days Later

I’m sitting in my new house getting more and more agitated by the minute. The internet serviceman isn’t here, nor has the fridge been delivered and I feel like an entire morning has been wasted because there is still more packing to be done at the old house. 

I did, however, unpack all of my clothes, most of the kitchen stuff and I organized my side of the built in bookcase. As a librarian, it breaks my heart a little to say this, but the books are now organized by color.  

 It still needs some sprucing up, but I actually really like the way it looks. I even kept my copy of the Twilight books because I love the spines! 

While unpacking the kitchen stuff, I opened a gravy dish for the first time since it was given to us 10 years ago at our wedding. It’s cracked. I debated a long time about how long to keep spices. I organized my closet in the KonMari method. I made another stack of clothes to take to Goodwill.

So I guess the morning wasn’t a total waste, but I feel very strongly that CenturyLink should give their customers at least a four hour window instead of saying “we’ll be there between 9 and 5.” 


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