4 Ibuprofen, 3 Large Pizzas, 2 Kids & 1 Llama Trailer

  Home. Owners.

I still can’t believe it, even after three nights in our new house. Maybe it’s because half our stuff is still at the old house and we’re living without a fridge or washer and dryer. Thankfully, the fridge should be delivered tomorrow and the washer and dryer sometime next week. 

On Sunday a few friends helped move most of the furniture into my father-in-law’s llama trailer and after four or five trips back and forth, the old house was almost empty of furniture. Today in working on packing up the kitchen, bathrooms and the last of the clothes. 

I’m debating whether I’ll be ready to throw Junior a birthday party in a week but I’m leaning towards a housewarming party later in the month that might pull double duty as his birthday party. Hopefully by then we’ll have a couch! 

Both boys have adjusted really well to sleeping in their new rooms, which is wonderful news considering Junior’s crib is still at the old house and he’s been sleeping in the pack n play. I was mostly worried about Future President but he is enjoying the new Lightning McQueen bedding I bought and having all of his toys and books in one place. I think it also helps that we visited the new house in all phases of development so he literally has been ready to sleep in it since the concrete was poured. 

Last night I was going through my books and making a huge giveaway pile. I still have English textbooks from high school with notes and quizzes tucked into the pages. My husband cannot understand why I’m getting rid of them. “Look, you got a perfect score on that quiz,” he said. I was pretty impressed myself, considering it was about The Odyssey, a book I still hate. The book and the quiz remained in the discard pile. 

We don’t have our TV hooked up yet, so I’m missing season premier week. However, it’s been nice to stop unpacking to take a moment to enjoy the view from the back of the house. 


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