I have a bunch of long blog posts written in my head but at night when I go to write them, I’m too tired after waking up before 6 with a baby who thinks it’s party time. Oh, and it’s 83 degrees…inside. I can’t do anything except lounge on the couch and watch reality TV. 


I saw Trainwreck a few weeks ago. It’s hilarious and raunchy and I love Amy Schumer’s outfits in the movie. I fell in love with one dress and scoured the internet looking for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I called in my super sleuth BFF and she found it!! It was even on sale at Anthro for $19.95 at some point last year, but of course now it’s only available on eBay and in consignment stores. The hunt is on!


Anyone else watching Big Brother? At the beginning of the summer I vowed this year would be different and I wouldn’t waste hours of my life on a dumb show. Yet here we are halfway through another season…let’s hope Vanessa and Shelli get voted out in this week’s double eviction!


Project Runway fans out there: what do you think of this season? I get the impression a lot of the designers were cast for extra drama, not talent. But Ashley? Love her, love her hair! Wish I was gutsy enough to have purple hair. 


The search for cheap flush mount lights continues. We are nearing the end of our home building project and I’m ready to throw my hands up and say, fine, just install the boob lighting and we’ll deal with it later when we have more money. 


Today I drank four cups of coffee and made a Brie and apple grilled cheese for dinner. I live an exciting life, dontcha know?


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