Milestone Birthday

Today I had a milestone birthday. Unlike the day I turned 18, or 21, or 30, I had little time for self reflection. 

Future President has an ear infection. Junior has a cranial band that needed checked. It’s over 100 degrees outside and 85 inside except in the two rooms with window units. 

I had to drag two cranky kids to Costco to drop off Future President’s prescription and a complete stranger came up to me, pointed excitedly to Junior’s helmet and asked where he could buy one…because: “we keep dropping our daughter.” And he was serious. 

I’m thankful for the helmet, too, because just today Junior pulled himself up to almost standing using his bouncy chair as leverage and the whole thing came crashing down on top of him. 

This morning I treated myself to my free birthday Starbucks and free donuts at Pip’s. I walked into work and distributed the donuts, because even I can’t eat 12 on my own. A co-worker complimented my wavy hair. I told her I am now too old to keep arguing with my hair. There’s not enough time in life to fight the inevitable. 

I also wore my new (free) lipstain from Sephora. It’s bright red. I was wearing an orange shirt. Guys, life is way too short not to wear two bright colors at once. Future President even noticed my lips: “Mommy, that’s pretty paint on your lips. Did you paint them last night?” Clearly I don’t wear lipstick enough!

Last weekend I shopped to my heart’s content while my bestie L watched the baby and they charmed the socks off shoppers in South Coast Plaza. I bought two new shirts and a pair of pants from Banana Republic and a new dress, jeans and a necklace from Madewell. And while my body is not back to the shape it used to be before children, I wore a bikini to a pool filled with skinny, tan Californians. Maybe age is in fact liberating. 


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