A Mixed Bag

Today I finished a big project at work, a project that involved skills I didn’t learn in either of my graduate degrees programs and a project of which I’m extremely proud. 

The husband had a very rough day at work and after being up since 5, was exhausted when he got home, and after scarfing down the food I had just made, had to rush off to a meeting at church. 

The boys barely ate any supper and instead mostly just giggled at each other. Junior had a brief break from the cranial band he just started wearing and Future President sat by the open window, enjoying a gentle breeze that has yet to cool down the house below 80. 

I hate summer. 

On Saturday morning I got to visit with a friend I’ve known for over 20 years. Our kids hit it off. In the afternoon we got to go swimming, which was amazing. Then a few hours later Aaron threw up and was running a fever. We packed up for an overnight at my parents’ blissfully cool house. 

Sunday afternoon one of my best friends and I got to visit for a few short hours; this is the type of visit that’s good for the soul because she just gets me – our husbands are similar, we care passionately about our careers and we’ve reached the stage in our lives that talking about money and job advancement doesn’t feel pretend; it’s real, we’re living enjoyable and complicated lives. 

Last night we all tossed and turned in the hot house. The baby woke up at least 4 times. When I checked on him this morning, he was sleeping on his stomach! He’s been going to physical therapy because he is delayed in his gross and fine motor skills, and it’s starting to pay off! 

For a few glorious months, I was seeing a D.O. who specializes in spinal manipulation. I finally was pain free! Then my insurance benefits changed and they stopped covering spinal manipulation. I just started seeing a new physical therapist and she taught me a few exercises to relieve the intense pain in my head, jaw, neck and back. 

This weekend I’m flying to California for a girls’ weekend (baby’s coming too). I’m looking forward to it so much but I’m holding my breath because I’m certain something will go wrong and I won’t be able to go. But I need this trip! 

Life’s been a real mixed bag lately. But I’m trying to focus on the positives: Future President has been extremely helpful around the house by cleaning up toys, clothes and dishes; the baby finally has his helmet to fix his flat head; I’ve been blessed with great friends; and I know the sweet relief of lying on the floor with my arm raised about my head, finally feeling the blood flow into my muscles taking the pain away. 


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