A Lighting Predicament

I’ve never paid much attention to lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and other mundane things around the house like the color of kitchen cabinets and dining room floors. And yet here I am, suddenly called to make decisions about the type of flush mount ceiling lights, kitchen pendants, the dining room chandelier, and the color of walls.

(#firstworldproblems is the alternative title to this post!)

When I walk into a room, I either like it or don’t, but I can’t really tell you why. There’s not an ounce of interior design skill buried inside me. So I’m scouring Pinterest and lighting sites to figure out what I like and what I don’t. I don’t like a lot of the options out there, and when I find something I really, really like, it’s usually not within our budget limitations. If I had time, I would look at home design magazines and then find budget-friendly options based on pretty pictures. I don’t really have time to do that, so my default has been, “I like the model home. Just do that.” The model home in our new neighborhood is gorgeous. I love everything about it except the carpet…and the flush mount ceiling lights.

I once read that the default flush mount ceiling lights look like boobs, and ever since then, I can’t look at one without thinking it. The flush mount ceiling lights in the model home are pretty…but they are pretty boobs. I think I’ve found some good alternatives though. Maybe I’m not completely hopeless in picking out lights.


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