An Ode to the Digital Chore Chart

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.48.19 AM

It started with a potty chart: complete a row of stickers, get a prize. This was a huge motivator for Future President when we were potty training and when he was done with that, we moved on to a chore chart, complete with the same set of rows and stickers.

Then one day I thought: there must be a digital version of a chore chart. I’m not crafty at all and if I can avoid hunting down a blank piece of paper, a ruler and a pen to make the chart, my life is that much easier. I’m also admittedly lazy.

Enter Chore Monster. Download the app and voila, the easiest chore chart to set up and use. And it’s true, your kids will be begging to do chores because of this app! I’m not kidding.

On the parents’ side, you set up the chores and how much each chore is worth. Then you set up the rewards section and it’s up to the child if they want to redeem points for a reward worth lesser points right away or store up the points for a bigger reward. I made each of Future President’s daily chores worth 5 points and when he earns 150 points, he gets to choose a reward. You can upload a picture of the reward or link to it on Amazon so the child can see what he’s working towards. I didn’t bother to post any smaller rewards because I knew at this age he would choose the redeem his points as soon as possible.

It took him about a month to earn his first reward. His daily chores are: put away toys, put clothes in hamper, dress yourself, brush your teeth and help empty the dishwasher. He also has a weekly “chore” of getting a haircut. I’m contemplating adding additional weekly chores like emptying the small trash cans around the house and vacuuming the kitchen and breakfast nook. I like that you can customize each chore with a picture so he knows which chore he needs to do based on the picture I took of him instead of needing to read.

I think there are three main reasons this app works as a motivator to do chores: 1) Future President is obsessed with our iPhones and iPads and any time he gets to use one, he’s happy, whether it’s taking pictures, watching a show, or playing with his chore chart; 2) after you complete each reward, you get to spin for a new monster, but more often than not, you lose and are given a broken bottle, a jar of farts, a single brick, etc. He thinks this is hilarious; and 3) it’s personalized, so he’s sees pictures of himself doing chores and pictures of the rewards he’s working towards.

I promise I wasn’t compensated or asked to review this product. I just really, really love it and I hope it helps you if you’re looking for a way to motivate your kids to help around the house or modify their behavior (I’m close to adding “share toys with brother”!).


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