8 Months Later

8 months old! Junior turned 8 months on Monday, which means I haven’t slept through the night in at least as long. But oh the joy he brings to our house. I thought we laughed a lot with one kid, but two kids = two times the laughter in our house.

At 8 months old, Junior eats anything and everything he’s given, even some super disgusting combination of apple raisin quinoa, barley and oats (trust me, I tried it). I haven’t tried giving him finger foods for a few weeks because he was gagging and choking on the puffs; it might be time to try again since he can now sit up unassisted. He’s still not the biggest fan of rolling over and almost never rolls from back to stomach. I’m hoping this improves soon, but just in case we’re taking him to a pediatric physical therapist for an evaluation. I’m hoping it’s just me being paranoid.

I forgot that at this stage EVERYTHING goes in a baby’s mouth: toys, bibs, paper, Aquaphor bottle, baby powder – if he can reach it, it goes into his mouth. He also drops everything, all the time. Eating out isn’t very fun when everything on the table ends up on the floor. I remember thinking that I would never enjoy eating out again when Future President was this age. And then he was old enough to watch TV on the iPhone! So there’s hope for this one, too!

Junior is getting four more teeth, all on top. He doesn’t drool as much as his older brother did at this age but he wakes up at night more often. He goes to bed around 7 and usually wakes up between midnight and 1 and then again around 4:30 to eat. I know I could wean him from both of these feedings but I am so tired at night I actually get more sleep when I feed him than if I let him cry because I can’t sleep through the noise.

Future President is Junior’s favorite person. It’s amazing to me how well they get along. Future President makes it his mission to make Junior smile and has recently started including Junior in his imaginative play. Just this week Future President created Mater’s Junkyard around the train Junior was playing with and they both played with the cars and other toys in the mound of “junk”. It was adorable.

In other Future President news: he finally has shown an interest in coloring! I thought this day would never come. He knows how to write his name and will spend up to 20 minutes sitting still while coloring and drawing. He also says the most outlandish and hilarious things: “Secretary means baby in Spanish” is my latest favorite. This morning he told me that when he grows up he’s going to stay home all day with his kids and yesterday said that when they’re older, he and his brother will live together. It kind of breaks my heart at how sweet he is.


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