PSA: How to Get a Breast Pump for Free

The bad news first: my breast pump broke while I was at work, which meant I didn’t have access to my backup pump at home and my husband wasn’t available to bring it to me.

The good news, part one: there are least two other lactating women in my office. I know, I know, breast pumps are medical devices, yadayada, and are single-user products, yadayada. But when a woman has to pump, a woman has to pump. Thankfully my friend was at work the day I needed to borrow her pump. I’ve lent her mine in the past. I have no issues at all with this, sorry breast pump lobby who would like us to all buy our own.

The good news, part two: I just ordered a new pump, which will arrive in a few days. And it was free. My favorite word: free! Ok, so maybe not really free, since my insurance company is covering the cost, but the purchase requires no out of pocket money from me! And the other great part is that I didn’t have to do any paperwork. I just called the number listed here, requested that my doctor’s office fax a prescription to them, and the pump was on its way. No paperwork. No money.

The good news, part three: breast pumps are required to be provided (for you to own or rent) by insurance companies per the Affordable Care Act.


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