Sweet & Sour

i woke up on Mother’s Day to an eager Future President who gave me a play-by-play of what was about to happen: here’s a picture I made for you to look at while Daddy makes you breakfast in bed. We’re going to bring you breakfast and a card and a present. 

A few minutes later I was presented with cottage cheese and strawberries, Future President’s own concoction, and a card and gift. My little 4 year old knows how to write his name in giant letters and there it was. So sweet. He was slightly disappointed that we don’t own a TV tray so the food could be delivered and placed on my lap. Junior tasted the cottage cheese and was a big fan. 

Next on the agenda was going to see the ground breaking on our new house. There were lots of big machines and dirt, perfect for Future President. 

We enjoyed brunch with my parents and sister and did a little shopping. And then I started to feel awful. Head cold, ear ache, body chills, the whole gamut. I made it through the rest of the evening and went to sleep as soon as the boys did. 

I couldn’t take a sick day today because of some important meetings, so I plunged through the head cold fog with lots of tea and coffee. 

On the way home Future President informed me had to pee. Now. So I did something I never, ever in a million years thought I would do: I pulled into an almost empty parking lot, opened two car doors and had him pee somewhat discretely into an empty grande-size Starbucks cup that I happened to still have in the car. Then I poured the pee into the grass. And that is the last we shall speak of it. 

We are now on hour three of trying to get the baby to sleep. 

Parenting has its highs and lows, that’s for sure. When I put the baby down in his crib, I’ll try not to make eye contact this time. That will work, right?!?


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