A Grownup’s 20 Questions

My 4 year old asks endless questions. A car ride wouldn’t be complete without a question that stumps me, like, “What’s underneath grass and rocks in the earth?” Hold that thought, let me Google it. Soil? Lava? More soil? 

But I have a lot of questions, too. 

  1. What age do kids start having sleepovers?
  2. What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy?
  3. Should I be flossing my kid’s teeth?
  4. Why is Ben Carson running for president?
  5. When will my kids be old enough that I can replace the IKEA couch that has coffee stains, spit up stains and other unidentifiable stains? 
  6. When will I be able to part with my copy of the Twilight series?
  7. Where can I buy a large area rug for less than $50? 
  8. If I sign up for a 5K, who will hold me accountable to train for it?
  9. When will my husband and I be able to go on vacation without the kids?
  10. Why didn’t I learn how to sew a button or hem pants?
  11. Why did I waste so much time in my 20s reading celebrity gossip blogs?
  12. Should I get a tattoo?
  13. Will my students take me seriously if I get a purple streak in my hair?
  14. When I tell my kids they’ll see their great-grandparents in heaven, do I really mean it?
  15. Why can’t I concentrate long enough to read a book for more than 5 minutes?
  16. Why do I still have acne?
  17. What if someone tells my son Santa isn’t real?
  18. How do I know if my son is ready for kindergarten?
  19. Why are clowns so creepy?
  20. Why are cell phone plans still so expensive?

So many questions. 


One thought on “A Grownup’s 20 Questions

  1. I will take a stab at the only two I feel somewhat qualified on which to offer an opinion:

    13. (purple hair?) Yes.

    20. (cell phone plans) Because people are willing to pay. However, do you have Republic in your area? We switched almost a year ago and are so very, incredibly happy.

    Kindra @ Together
    another one of the
    Mothers in the Legal Profession

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