I Highly Recommend 

Time is short when you have two kids, a full time job, spend at least 2 hours in the car every day and a husband you love dearly. So. Anyway. Here are some short blurbs about things I’ve loved recently.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Life changing. No, I really mean it. If you have too much stuff in your life, read this book. It will make you rethink everything you’ve been holding on to for so long.

Eat to Live
While I’m not sure I can sustain a lifestyle change like this permanently, I am trying to incorporate more clean eating in my life. This book has good recipes and a philosophy about healthy eating I can get behind.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
The baby sleep bible, re-reading this book made me rethink how many times I’ve disrupted Junior’s sleep to run errands. Babies need sleep! I’m so much better about letting him nap well and sleep early after reviewing this advice.

I love Alexander McCall Smith and this retelling of a Jane Austen favorite is delightful.

Yes Please
If you can, get the audiobook version of this book. Prepare to laugh and cry.

TV Shows

After signing up for a free trial of HBO Now, we’ve been binge watching the first three seasons. So, so funny.


In my effort to eat more vegetables and reduce the amount of dairy I eat, I’ve had to be creative with quick meals at supper.

Here are three recent favorites:

Baked polenta with sautéed veggies. I sautéed onions, squash, and mushrooms and then added peas to the pan, then poured the vegetable mixture over sliced polenta and then added tomato sauce. I admit to adding a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese, too. Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes.

Curry udon. Make the curry as instructed on the box, then add udon noodles. I added a bit more water than the recipe called for so it would be more of a soup than a thick curry.

Lettuce wraps. I sautéed tofu with mushrooms and then added water chestnuts and soy sauce. Serve with lettuce cups.


One thought on “I Highly Recommend 

  1. I’ve had the tidying up book in my cart for a while. Thanks for the review! I will purchase.
    Yes Please is waiting for me on overdrive for my upcoming road trip! I can’t wait!

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