Did God Sneeze?

Reading Bible stories with Future President makes me laugh and makes me amazed at the same time. His questions are so imaginative. 

Tonight we were reading the story of Noah in the Ark and when we got to the part about the alter, he asked what an alter was, so we tried to explain. 

The smoke went all the way up to heaven? Is that why Jesus died? Did it make him sneeze? 

Then we read about Mt. Ararat. Where’s that? He wanted to know. In Turkey, we told him. That reminds me of food, he said. 

Why did all the people die? The dove had an olive branch in his mouth? Is Noah big or little? The questions are never ending. 

And then somehow we started talking about heaven and he wanted to know if there’s volcanos and lava. G said yes, we can take a day trip to see them but they’re not by the houses. I guess he’s thought this whole concept of heaven through a little more than I have. 


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