Junior finally, and I mean finally, rolled over this week. It had been rumored that he had rolled over, from back to stomach, for both his grandmothers, but this week I finally got to see it myself.

Junior is almost 7 months old. Most babies have rolled over by now, and many are sitting up on their own or even army crawling. Not Junior. For the past almost 7 months of his life, he has laid where we left him – on his stomach or on his back and waited.*

*Waited: if on his back, mostly content. If on his stomach, perfectly fine for about 5 minutes and then he would whimper, whine and finally cry until turned over or picked up.

Now, food is a different story with Junior. He’s a Master Eater. He eyes our food longingly, even while eating his own peaches, bananas, apples, pears, green beans, prunes, carrots or squash. I bulk up the pureed food with baby cereal, and even then he seems hungry. This morning while I fed Junior peaches with cereal, Future President ate a waffle. If Junior had a few more teeth*, I might have considered giving him a bite. I mean, he really wanted it.

*But let’s wait on that for a while, please. Two bottom teeth are enough for now. Trust me, little biter.

Future President has always been an early riser, I think partly because it meant he could snuggle with mommy and daddy in bed for a few hours before a humane wakeup time. I was tired of getting kicked in the stomach and covers being taken, so I bought an Ok to Wake! clock that turns green at 7am, meaning he can get out of bed or leave his room. While it hasn’t worked perfectly, if it’s before 7, we can remind him that the clock hasn’t turned green, so he needs to go back to his room. This morning he came in and said, “I want to wake up at six four six.” We told him to go back to his room and he actually fell back to sleep without complaining. Progress!

Future President has made huge strides in swimming and is now in level 3. He is very comfortable swimming short distances and holding his breath under water. He’s getting better at floating and I’m excited to see him swim without floaties this summer. He also loves bike riding now and we’re contemplating taking off his training wheels soon. He has no fear and doesn’t even blink when he falls. This is a huge accomplishment from last summer, when he could barely pedal and wouldn’t go faster than a snail’s pace.

My boys are growing up so fast. We are “crying it out” at night, except I’m failing at that because Junior is my last baby and I can’t stop time. Last night after hearing him cry for about 10 minutes, I picked him up and held him. I stroked his cheek and rubbed his foot and held his hand. It was blissful. He fought sleep, looking up at me with his tired eyes, and finally fell asleep in my arms, smiling around his pacifier. I wanted that moment to last forever.


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