Dairy-Free Diary, Day 1

Junior’s cradle cap has turned into eczema. Or maybe it’s always been eczema, who knows. His pediatrician wants me to eliminate dairy for 2 weeks to see if that helps with the itching. Last night I received the edict and this morning had every intention of following through.

Instead of making an egg and cheese English muffin sandwich, which is my go-to morning meal, I looked blankly in the fridge. Cereal? Out. (At least until I buy almond milk, since I really don’t like soy milk.) How about a quesadilla? I grabbed a tortilla and the bag of shredded cheese and microwaved it for 35 seconds. And right before I took a bite, my husband says, “I thought you were avoiding dairy?” Oh. Right. Cheese=dairy. Pardon my lack of coffee.

I ate it anyway.

Instead of adding half-and-half to my coffee at work, I used the non-dairy powdered creamer that turns coffee sour. Me: 0, Eczema: 1.

Someone brought in leftover chocolate Easter eggs. I’m crossing my fingers the ingredient list doesn’t include dairy. At lunch, I couldn’t eat the yogurt I had brought to work earlier in the week, so I ate more chocolate eggs to supplement my curry.

I promise to do better tomorrow.


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