Making the First Move

It’s happened twice in the past couple of months: I’m in line at my favorite sushi restaurant and strike up a conversation with some people around me. And after just a few minutes I think, wow, these are cool people. We could be friends. But then what? Are you supposed to say, come find me on Facebook and we’ll go out? It’s not a date…but I suppose it sort of is. 

I’ve talked before about how hard it is to make friends after age 30. No more college, no more grad school, no more natural places to find like-minded people (except maybe church). 

The first couple I met were talking about how their first child was on the way and whether she should eat sushi. I chimed in and we started talking – about pregnancy, local restaurants, horrible commutes and good neighborhoods. And then the restaurant finally opened and we went our separate ways. I wanted to say, hey, if you find any decent breakfast spots on the other side of the river, let me know. But I didn’t. And now I’ll never know what name they chose for their baby girl. 

The second couple had a baby almost the same age as Junior. They lived in Bend, one of our favorite places to vacation. We talked about jobs and housing prices and sleepless nights and ice cream. It was like a first date, considering we were seated next to each other and by the end of the meal were on a first name basis. But when it was time we paid our bill and left. Goodbye Lindsey and Nickoli. Hope everything works out with the teething baby. He’ll sleep through the night soon. 

So my question is this – is it too weird to end these conversations with, here’s my number? Here’s how to find me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? I have no idea. 


One thought on “Making the First Move

  1. I totally relate Mari! And once you retire and don’t even have a job to go to it is harder. I met a terrific person in my neighborhood and now they are moving permanently to Florida. tell them to find you! Nothing to lose.

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