Baby Foodie

I have a very fat baby, a fact I am immensely proud of considering our three months of struggle at the beginning. Fat baby is hungry all the time. A few weeks ago his jealous glances at table food prompted me to buy some cereal and baby food and last week we began our adventures in eating “solids”. 

So far he’s had banana, apple, applesauce, pear and sweet potato. This time around I’m not even waiting days between feedings to see if he’s allergic. If nothing happens in 8 hours, I assume he’s fine. 

Up next: carrots and prunes. 

He loves food so much. At the initial bite of a new food he makes a face but I keep trying and so far he has yet to reject anything. He cries when he’s still hungry and tonight when I put the lid on his food he started fussing so much I almost gave in. I’m trying to hold off on giving him too much because I don’t want my milk supply to go down. 

On Friday after swimming lessons, Future President always asks for a sweet potato and cottage cheese. Yesterday when he was done there was a little sweet potato left so I mashed up a bit to give baby. He would have eaten more if I’d let him but I was worried that because it wasn’t liquified he shouldn’t have too much. 

I really want him to be an adventurous eater, unlike my first. I want him to eat what we eat, including eggs and sushi and tofu and tomato soup and pizza, all things Future President won’t touch. And the thing is, Future President was just like Junior at his age, eating everything and anything. He even ate salmon skin of all things. Even though he eats fruits and veggies, the main course is usually bread (or waffles or pancakes) with cheese and avocado or peanut butter and applesauce. Hopefully one day this will change! Maybe Junior will be a good influence on his big brother. 


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