Meeting Etiquette 

Sometimes eye contact makes me uncomfortable. But in meetings, I like it. It shows me that other people are paying attention. I have a coworker who brings her smartphone to every meeting. She routinely texts during meetings and I find this to be rude and disruptive. I’m not this person’s boss. but if I was, smartphones would be required to be out of sight during meetings. 

I admit to keeping my phone with me at all times and using my kids as an excuse. What if there’s an emergency? I’ve noticed I check my phone far too often even when I’m with friends. The text or email can wait. 

I’m trying to be more present, whether it’s at work or with my family or friends. 

But back to meeting etiquette. Is distracting doodling a problem for you too? Maybe I should leave all writing implements in a drawer and just focus on the conversation. Besides, all my doodles look exactly the same. 


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