Let’s Play 20 Questions

We do lots and lots of driving and I’m convinced Future President does his deepest thinking in the car. Some of these questions I can answer. Some I cannot. 

Here’s just a sample of some of the questions I’ve been asked in the last few days.

  • Do you have fuzz in your toes?
  • Do you smell that cow poop?
  • I can have lots of babies when I’m older, right?
  • Do you remember when I threw up in the car?
  • Can I turn red? 
  • Why can’t I have a cookie for breakfast?
  • Have you seen Paw Patrol?
  • Do you want to be a giraffe?
  • Can baby eat his bubbles?
  • How do the lights turn from green to yellow to red? 
  • Do you want to go to outer space with me and Dady and baby?
  • Do you want to play I Spy?
  • Why does baby always wear jammies?
  • Why does the baby only drink milk?
  • Why do you have to pump?
  • Why does Daddy work day and night, day and night?
  • Did your grammie and grandpa die, too?
  • Can we get a cat? A fish? A turtle?
  • Can we go back to Utah some time?
  • Why? Why? Why? That’s his favorite. 

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