6 Reasons My House is Never Clean

My house is clean and organized for a total of 30 minutes each week, because for 30 minutes, after everything has been picked up, scrubbed and vacuumed, my 4yr old is watching the iPad. If screen time isn’t an option, then let’s face it: my house is never clean and organized. Why?

  1. Play-doh. I love the stuff because it can keep Future President entertained for up to an hour. But those tiny little pieces? Hard to vacuum while wet and if you let the play-doh dry up before vacuuming, the little pieces usually get smashed into the carpet. It’s a nightmare.
  2. Baby stuff. Between the playmat, the jumper, the bouncy chair, the Bumbo, the car seat, the diaper bag, the baby carrier, and the diapers and wipes, there is baby stuff all over the house. And as soon as it’s put away in its proper corner, out it comes again, because inevitably baby has tired of swatting at the fox’s tail and wants to play with the plastic monkey.
  3. Laundry. If the baby’s hasn’t created a blowout or spit up situation, then the 4yr old has spilled blackberry juice on his white collar (who buys shirts with white collars? when will I learn?!). Socks are always dirty, burp cloths are plentiful. And if the laundry is clean, it will likely sit in a basket, unfolded. Dirty laundry or clean, it seems to multiple like a school of fish.
  4. LEGOs. After LEGOs are picked up, it’s like a new spot on the floor has been freshly discovered. And then as soon as it’s clean, the 4yr old decides he needs a specific piece that is at the bottom of the box. The sound of crashing LEGOs being dumped out on the floor is like nails on a chalkboard.
  5. Puzzles. I love that Future President enjoys puzzles so much. I hate that he seems to lose at least one piece per puzzle and the moment he almost completes a puzzle and realizes this…well, the play room floor is a disaster zone as he searches for that missing piece.
  6. Food. I complain endlessly that Future President only eats three things: bread, some form of cracker, and cheese. In reality, he’s pretty good about fruits and veggies, but his two carb favorites mean there are crumbs everywhere all the time. Who knew toast and peanut butter crackers could make such a mess? I bought a standup vacuum that plugs into the wall specifically to clean up crumbs after meals. My only regret? Not spending more money to buy a more powerful machine.

I love a sparkly clean house but I keep telling myself I need to sit down on the floor more often and just enjoy my kids. Time flies: just this week Junior started sucking on a cucumber and playing with toys on the Bumbo tray. The next thing I know he’ll be crawling (talking, walking, dating).


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