How to Spot a Mother of Boys

  1. Your kids don’t care what they wear. They might have a preference for shorts over pants and probably don’t want to wear a sweater or jacket, but they probably have no opinion about color combinations or what shoes “go” with their outfit. It makes getting out of the house a tiny bit easier.
  2. You can’t touch the huge mess of toys, blankets and/or stuffed animals without asking. There is probably a really good reason the giant pile is arranged just so even if to the untrained eye there’s no possible way this junk heap is a town or airport or gold mine.
  3. And speaking of junk: you can’t throw away any rocks or sticks. Each one has some special significance.
  4. The first time your boys heard a bad word, it was because you stepped on a tiny LEGO or Playmobil piece or almost fell down the stairs because of a misplaced bouncy ball.
  5. You do laundry all the time, because somehow clothes, especially the knees of pants and socks, get dirty in less than one minute after you leave the house.
  6. Your kids have never seen a movie with guns or read books featuring guns and yet the first time they pick up a water gun, they know exactly what to do. The same goes for swords.

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