Foot Prison

So the same day I wrote about my resolutions for the year, one of which was taking care of myself, I went to the doctor about a nagging pain in my ankle and left with a walking boot.

2015/01/img_7981.jpgI hurt my ankle sometime in November and it has been painful enough that I finally made an appointment to see what was wrong. Nothing is broken but I have tendonitis, a condition that if left untreated could lead to something a lot more painful and possibly surgery if uncorrected. The doctor thought a walking boot was the best option for now, so for three weeks I’m going to try my best to keep it on as much as possible.

However: 2 kids.

Since there’s no incident to blame for the ankle pain, the doctor thinks it’s post pregnancy related. I didn’t quite follow how, but it has something to do with the relaxin released during pregnancy. The other option was to keep all weight off that foot for two weeks, or get a cortisone shot. Those options might be explored at the end of three weeks if I’m not at least improving.

I am sad for a very superficial reason. I LOVE shoes. Love them. But now I have to wear shoes with orthotics, which limits the kind of cute shoes I can buy. So if anyone has tips on finding cute shoes with good arch support and that work with orthotics, please send me links. Farewell flipflops. Goodbye ballet flats. Adios TOMS.


One thought on “Foot Prison

  1. I don’t have any advice shoe wise, but I do have general walking boot advice! I was in one of those for six weeks, while I was in college, because of a hairline fracture in my leg. Do not wear nylons or tights with the boot- it ruins them. I had to throw away all of my tights because the boot would catch and make pulls and eventually holes.

    Wearing it for three weeks will be annoying, but you can do it! If you want any other advice, or if you want to vent, just let me know!

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