If I Can Do It, You Can Too

Eggnog lattes are the best thing to happen to November 1, when the red cups reappear at Starbucks. I can’t even count how many I’ve had since then.

I can’t hit up my drive-thru Starbucks everyday so I decided it was time to learn to make this delicious drink. Because drip coffee with a dash of eggnog does not taste the same.

I sort of followed this recipe except I’m lazy, so I just vigorously stirred the eggnog, milk and sugar in a mug before microwaving and then added the coffee to the mixture after stirring again. It’s the least fancy eggnog latte you’ll drink but it tastes pretty darn close to the Starbucks version for a fraction of the cost. I used the espresso blend from Starbucks but didn’t brew it as strong as suggested. I will next time because this drink is super sweet but that didn’t stop me from having two!

It’s a good thing my Diet Bet doesn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving because I have a carton of eggnog to devour!


2 thoughts on “If I Can Do It, You Can Too

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