Fall TV Isn’t What it Used To Be

Is it just me or has the quality of new and returning fall TV shows taken a turn for the worst?

The only shows I watch routinely are New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Middle, Modern Family, Project Runway, Amazing Race, Survivor and Top Chef. (Wow. That list makes it seem like I watch a lot of TV!) I gave up on Nashville and Scandal this season and Revenge a year ago. I’m a season behind on Parenthood and could never make it through an episode of The Good Wife. Are there hour long dramas I should try? What’s good on TV this season?

Hands down, the funniest new show is Benched. I’m married to a public defender and worked in two public law libraries. This show is spot on hilarious.

I’m waiting for Parks and Rec to return for its final season and will probably watch Downton Abbey when it returns in January, even though last season wasn’t my favorite.

My husband, on the other hand, records so many hour long shows, our TiVo is almost full all the time. Did you know there are three NCIS shows now? Yes, there are. And they all use that weird soft filter camera so the screen looks weird. I can’t barely look at the TV when he’s watching.


One thought on “Fall TV Isn’t What it Used To Be

  1. I could not agree more about the quality. I used to look forward to many of the shows you listed (New Girl, Mindy Project, Modern Family) but at least 3 or 4 episodes of each are just sitting on my DVR, unwatched. I really don’t have the patience to watch something that I don’t absolutely LOVE anymore! The shows that I do love, and get watched right away right now are American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and The Newsroom. Other nights, it’s just Netflix of old(er) shows.

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