The Sisterhood

I recently finished Sisterhood Everlasting and I can’t stop thinking about it. I read and enjoyed the Sisterhood books in college and somehow forgot there was a follow-up book detailing the girls’ lives 10 years later.

I cried and cried while reading it. I read it on my phone while nursing and pumping and stayed up well after baby was asleep to finish it. And then I cried because we all get older and one day my boys are going to leave me. It was a very sad and melodramatic night.

Stop reading here if you haven’t read the book and want to avoid spoilers.

So is the theme of this book that life is full of disappointment? Or was I supposed to take away something else? Maybe that we don’t really change even as we age, or if we do change, it’s not always for the better? And that friendship doesn’t always last or continue in the same way and you really end up relying on yourself to muddle through?

This book was so depressing. Maybe it hit a little too close to home that life really doesn’t turn out the way you expect. And that life has to go on even when someone young dies. Life isn’t fair.

You may have seen the video of Chris Picco, the young widowed father singing Blackbird to his preemie son just days after his wife died and a few hours before the son would also die. The father is a friend of a friend and I have cried so much while watching him sing and reading his Facebook posts. I have no idea how he remains so strong after so much was taken away. And this is real life, not the story of fictional characters.

Life isn’t fair but somehow you have to keep going.

Chris may have it right when he said during the memorial for his wife and son that instead of asking why, the better question is “what now?” As Chris said, “So for whatever reason, we have this. And so, what now? What good can we bring out of this? This broken world, what good can we bring out of this?”


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