Snippets From Sunday

Future President and my husband sang Davy Crockett together, which is my husband’s idea of a perfect afternoon.

I packed up all my maternity clothes to give away. It’s bittersweet.

The baby spit up all over me and it ran down the inside of my shirt, into my cleavage, over my bra onto my stomach. So gross.

I decided to try breastfeeding today instead of pumping. In my dreams, we will get it down so I don’t have to lug my pump to California at the end of the year when we go on vacation. He is showing more interest than before, and he’s actually latching without the nipple shield. Small miracles.

Discovered I can’t eat a lot of broccoli while nursing. It made the baby fussy and gassy. At least there’s no indication I have to give up dairy or chocolate yet.


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