The Horror That is Clothes Shopping After Baby

My favorite clothing store is Banana Republic. Last weekend they had a 40% off sale and I bought a pair of jeans, a shirt and earrings. Now of course I didn’t try anything on because I had the baby with me in the Ergo. And also: trying on clothes is depressing. But I wanted a new outfit for Christmas pictures and Junior’s upcoming baby dedication so when I got home, I tried them on.

So bad.

First, the top doesn’t fit because, well, hello milk-producing boobs. And second, the muffin top I now have is ridiculous. After the c-section, I have a pooch that wasn’t there after the first vaginal birth and while I’m sure it will go away (mostly) eventually, leggings. tights and yoga pants are really the only things that fit. But I don’t have enough stretchy skirts, long sweaters and tops to go over leggings and dresses are too hard when I’m pumping 7-8 times per day. And I can’t wear yoga pants to a baby dedication.

I’ve even looked online for pants reviewed by post c-section moms. I suppose I’ll try to buy a few this weekend to try on at home but just the thought of this makes me want to cry. I’ll probably end up wearing my now standard going out of the house look: yoga pants and a hoodie or leggings under one of two stretchy skirts and a loose shirt. And to think I was ever opposed to leggings! I wonder if this means I’ll go over to the dark side and embrace jeggings before too long. Now the whole concept seems downright brilliant.


One thought on “The Horror That is Clothes Shopping After Baby

  1. I hear you! That pooch is gonna take a while, I mean, they cut ourcabdominal muscles–there is no tone! It’s true, my body is truly a different shape right now!

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