As the weather man promised, it snowed today although it wasn’t the snowpocalypse they predicted. As much as I love snow, it made me realize I am terrible at entertaining a 3yr old, especially while feeding a baby. So since I couldn’t let Future President watch tv all day, we did venture out to finish shopping for the Operation Christmas Child box.

Everything went great at the store – he picked out some socks and a toothbrush and tooth paste to go in the box, along with two cars and crayons. When we got home I added a coloring book he’s had for at least a year that he hasn’t looked at once. Tonight my husband and I left the boys with their grandparents for less than two hours and when we got home, he had taken the coloring book out and hid it. Apparently he spent a good portion of the evening looking for a good hiding place so, in his words, Mommy can’t find it.

If he liked to color, I would understand. But now this coloring book, which he never used or even remembered existed, is the most precious thing in the world. So now what? Take it back and ruin the experience of picking out items for another child? Or just let him keep it for another snow day?


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