Random Acts of Kindness

I still haven’t figured out the best way to grocery shop with an infant. You’d think that since this is my second time, I’d know how to get more than a few groceries in the cart along with the car seat. But I’m still too nervous to balance the car seat on top of the cart. Anyway, the other puzzle for me is always whether the baby goes in the car before the cart gets put away. I mean, leaving the baby in the car for less than 30 seconds isn’t a big deal, right? But then sometimes I think it is.

Today I went grocery shopping so we’d have fresh fruit and veggies in the house before the first snow they are predicting for tomorrow. I unloaded the groceries and then put the baby in the car and was about to just leave the cart in the stall next to me because it was so, so cold. A lady came running over and offered to take my empty cart with hers. I was so grateful. As she walked away I felt like an angel had just paid me a visit.

I picked up an Operation Christmas Child box to fill and was just going to fill it myself but after my encounter with this kind woman today, I decided Future President should help pick out presents and think about helping others more. At first he thought he would give away one of his stuffed animals but then decided on a TV. He was crushed to learn that all the presents have to fit in a small box.

We have so much stuff in the house and in our garage. This Christmas I really want to focus on spending time with loved ones and less on things. And I really want my sons to learn that there is more to the holidays than receiving things. Here’s to more random acts of kindness.


One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I put baby in the cart too, I’m usually the only one in the store that does that. But like you, I’m not liking the balancing idea. I throw a lot of things underneath, around and in the top part :). It’s tricky

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