Parenting the Second Time Around

With my first baby, I was a typical first-time parent, which meant I followed a strict set of parenting rules I concocted from various sources – books, blogs, advice from friends and family, and preconceived notions of my own about right and wrong parenting styles. And it worked just fine for baby #1.

You know those Luvs commercials with first baby and second baby scenarios? They are spot on.

How to spot a second-time parent?

1. The baby’s pajamas are only a little damp, so why change their clothes before a nap?

2. No bassinet or bed for the baby? A drawer will do. (With my first, both my mom and mother-in-law suggested using a drawer or box as a bed for baby. I was horrified. Look at me now.)

IMG_7221.JPGApparently this is common in Finland,
so I’m carrying on a family heritage tradition.

3. You shower even when the baby is awake. The baby is just fine in his crib (or box!) even if he’s wide awake.

4. You lay in bed while the baby makes noises, maybe even let him cry a little, to see if he puts himself back to sleep, instead of jumping out of bed and picking him up. And it works! The French were right!

5. No baby toys on hand to entertain him? A ceiling fan or shadows will do just fine.


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