Sorry I’m Late

I am a punctual person. Well, I was before I had kids. Now I am routinely late to appointments but I have a good excuse. Two kids and all their stuff take time to load into the car.

This is what a typical morning looks like: wake up around 5:30 when the baby is hungry. Feed him a bottle, then pump and then try to go back to sleep before the 3yr old wakes up between 6:30 and 7. Pump again before the baby wakes up again, feed the 3yr old breakfast and hope the baby sleeps long enough to shower while the 3yr old watches tv. Take a 2 minute shower, apply minimal makeup and put on the same yoga pants and hoodie as yesterday.

By now it is at least 8:30. The baby is hungry so feed him a bottle and then pump again. 3yr old is still hungry so feed him more food. Try to eat at least a bite of food myself. Pack up the diaper bag and breast pump parts, take bags to the car. Collect 3yr old’s favorite toys of the day and take them to car. Load up 3yr old and baby into car. 3yr old wants juice, so go back into the house. Load up stroller and Ergo, just in case. 3yr old needs to go potty. Unbuckle him, 10 minutes later he’s done. Consider pumping again but don’t want to unload boys and pump.

And by now it’s at least 9:30. And that dear friends, is why I’ve learned not to schedule anything before 10 because getting out the door with two kids is hard work and takes a lot of time. I’m having a panic attack just thinking about how this will go when I go back to work and we have to leave by 7.

Excuse me while I console myself with some more ice cream.


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