5 Weeks Later

Today we celebrated 5 weeks of Junior’s life with both of my boys napping at the same time. Glory be, since Junior does not recognize night time yet and last night was up from 1 to 4. I have no idea what I did for 3 hours with him except I do know my husband left for the quiet of the guest room and at some point I was asleep with a squirming baby on my chest. It’s amazing how delirium makes the time fly.

So far, I’ve only had to deal with both boys screaming at the top of their lungs twice, once in the car and once while I was pumping and didn’t dare stop to feed the baby his bottle or punish Future President for not listening. Time out is less effective if you can’t enforce it because of the suctioning action at your breast.

Junior managed to gain weight and at his appointment yesterday weighed 7lbs 13oz, which is the same as he weighed on Sunday but the doctor is pleased. We are waiting on one final blood test to see if his jaundice is related to some sort of red blood cell issue (see also: I’m terrible with science). We are still muddling through bottle feeding and pumping 7-8 times per day. This will almost be easier when I go back to work in a month since I have to pump there anyway.

I find triumph in the fact that Future President has only yelled at the baby once in the car to stop crying. It could be a lot worse.


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