Three Weeks with Junior

The past week has been a blur of doctor’s appointments and weight checks. It’s also been a blur because “triple feeding” – feed baby at breast, then bottle, then pump, is an exhausting process, especially when baby’s favorite time to actually be awake is usually from 10pm to 2am.

But the good news is that between Friday and Sunday, Junior gained four ounces, and between Sunday and Tuesday, he gained six ounces, so he is finally gaining the weight that he should be and then some. We have another weight check tomorrow and I’m really hoping we can stop supplementing with a bottle, but until we get the all clear from the doctor, I offer him a bottle after every feeding if there are any signs of hunger. Because he had been losing weight instead of gaining, I also stopped giving him a pacifier, and I’m really ready to go back to that again.

The best big brother decided the honeymoon period after baby is over and has been acting out and disobeying. On the one hand, I’m willing to give him a break since so much of my time is devoted to Junior but on the other hand, I’m not willing to give in to his demands and bad behavior. There are consequences to not listening, and by the end of the week, most of his toys may have disappeared, along with five of his cars that are currently on top of the fridge.

I keep marveling over how different parenting is the second time around. I take a shower without worrying that the baby will wake up, because a little crying is just fine. When we have the chance to eat dinner as a family, if Junior doesn’t want to lay in his bouncer, I just put him on a blanket on the floor instead of holding him during the entire dinner.

We had to buy premie diapers and he barely fits into newborn clothes, but his last weight check was promising. Thank you to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers (and food!) as we deal with this sometimes scary situation.

Oh, and I’ve told multiple lactation consultants and pediatricians I’m not afraid of formula. I’ve turned into that mom.


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