The Best Big Brother

Future President is a spectacular big brother. On the day Junior was born, he insisted on bringing him a cake (a large cupcake was a good substitute) and we all sang happy birthday to the baby even before the baby had a name.

He is helpful and runs when I ask him to get something like a pacifier, diaper or blanket. He is very concerned when the baby spits out his pacifier and hates it when the baby cries in the car. He’s willing to sing him songs and lay on the floor with him. He even drives his precious cars near enough for baby to see them.

Much to my happy surprise, so far he hasn’t regressed in potty training and the only jealousy he’s demonstrated is complaining that it takes baby a long time to eat. He has, though, started to act a bit like a baby sometimes, wanting to cuddle more on our laps or imitates some of baby’s movements.

But there are more precious moments than not: he literally coos at the baby and says “he’s so cute” and “he’s so adorable” and “kitchy-coo-coo” (a phrase I think he picked up from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood).

We are incredibly blessed that the transition to two kids has been as easy as it has, despite many hiccups with Junior’s eating (which required a trip to the ER this weekend) and some other health issues. Big Brother has made it as simple as he possibly could.


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