One Week with Junior

We’ve been home from the hospital since Saturday and are slowly adjusting to life with a newborn. I can’t decide if the midnight feeding is worse than the 3am feeding or the 6am feeding is the worst of all since by then I’m so exhausted. Junior won’t really take a pacifier yet so if he’s hungry and I’m busy, it’s stop everything and feed at once.

On Sunday we did have a bit of a scare because after eating at 10:30 he went to sleep and would not wake up to eat or do anything until almost 3. The doctor was worried about jaundice, so I was relieved when he finally woke up and had enough dirty diapers to show he was getting enough milk. On Monday, however, we went for blood work and on Tuesday at our post-partum check, they also tested his levels. Good news: we are in the clear. In fact, he ate so much between his appointments on Monday and Tuesday, he gained over an ounce.

Post c-section tip: the belly band (also called a binder) is amazing but the soft breast binder the nurse gave me at my post-partum visit is 100% better. It’s much more flexible but still pulls everything together, making coughing and laughing more tolerable. The nurse even half joked that after using it as a belly binder, I can wear it as a tube top. AS IF. If you have a c-section, I highly recommend one for recovery.

And I’m going to break my typical no photos of kids stance because, really, how can you resist this face?



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